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Holistic education or integral education seeks to unleash, in an intrinsically way, a love for life and a passion for learning. It is a philosophy and a stream of education that links personal identity with the values that unite the students with the world and other people.


In Bell-lloc, we want to be recognized to teach our students with humanistic and Christianity values. Our Christmas party promotes this service and the cooperation for the familiar environment that we enjoy.


During the stage of language acquisition and development, it is interesting to work in a transversal way in all areas and spaces from P0 to P5.


Thinking about the meaning of life and love are the two main aims that we are going to work in Bell-arT. Jesus was born to teach us how to love.
These two aims can be taught to a 3 years old student or an old man. We demonstrate this with our thinking routines and our thinking keys that we work in Bell-arT.


Bell-lloc Infantil wants to give its students the opportunity to grow by learning music. There are a lot of advantages in cerebral investigation. Different studies have proven a strong association between musical learning and cognitive benefits. It’s for that reason that is very important to start music education as soon as possible.


Helena Prats, who is well known for her ceramic work, has visited our school and we have presented our “Som Girona” project. We take in account the diversity of languages; mathematics, linguistic, digital, body language and in this cast the artistic language.


We know the importance that English has in the area of communication and language. Today it is fundamental to learn a foreign language to be able to adapt to the society we live in. It is for this reason that our students need to develop the capacity of the speaking in another language. They work, play, experiment, manipulate and coexist with the English language for 7 hours a week.


Every morning when we wake up we start to make decisions. These decisions make us choose. We are choosing every single day and we don’t realize.
This week or students of P-3, P-4 and P-5 have gone up the ramp from the hall to their classrooms in an autonomous way. We want to congratulate you because we realize that you have worked the value of self-autonomy at home.


Our Atelier class was inspired by Waldorf schools, the theory of 100 languages and The Personalized Education.
In this class, we can make sculptures, wear costumes, play with attractive materials and then try to reinterpret the environment by connecting their learning with different languages.


More than 200 types of trees and plants are in Bell-lloc del Pla environment. Students from nursery to P-5 use this fact during their scientific walk.